soul shed journey

One Size Fits All?

So I’ve been planning to build a shed this spring to be a purposeful sanctuary. There are a lot of decisions needed for building a shed. One of the main ones is, How big should it be? I thought I had this part figured out, but then I took some steps that made me think… Continue reading One Size Fits All?

Redesigned Furniture

No Longer Country at Heart

I’m excited to bring vintage furniture that feels NEW to your home with a redesign. This one’s nothing like it was before! This Lane cedar chest was in like-new condition, but the country décor led to a life in storage just waiting for someone to see the potential. Although I had intended to buy something… Continue reading No Longer Country at Heart

treasure hunting

Gone a Thrifting

I had the rare chance to a day to myself. Office was closed, but kids still in school. That never happens. So I decided to purge and organize my office desk area and ran to get some organizers for all the kids' drawings, school papers, photos, etc. that I just keep tossing in the cabinet.… Continue reading Gone a Thrifting

soul shed journey

She Shed for My Soul

You’ve seen them, right? These amazing sanctuaries called “she sheds” ultimately for a woman to have her own space to restore her sanity. At least that’s how it looks to me. And I want one. Like really bad. My brain keeps planning it…seeing the layout, furniture, and décor. There’s a wooden fireplace surround at the… Continue reading She Shed for My Soul