Redesigned Furniture

Desk Upcycled to Farmhouse Nightstands

Well, I definitely want to do this again. I mean it's a lot of work, but when you see the's hard to come by tall side tables like this on their own. I've always wanted to turn the vintage ends of a desk or vanity into bedside tables. When I spotted this beauty at… Continue reading Desk Upcycled to Farmhouse Nightstands

Redesigned Furniture

Dare to Go 3D on Furniture!

I had a vision. Sometimes these visions don't work, but sometimes they do. And you just never know where you're going to get inspiration. Here's how this one came along. I subscribe to a few magazines that always give me lots of creative ideas. One is Better Homes & Gardens Do It Yourself magazine. I… Continue reading Dare to Go 3D on Furniture!

Redesigned Furniture

Tissue Decoupage – This Works!

Last week I shared the many steps to refinish/paint a vintage piece of furniture. And promised to share the end result. Here's a little before/after fix for you! As you can see from the before pic, this is becoming a bathroom vanity. It's going to be a classic beauty! Something New With the weather so… Continue reading Tissue Decoupage – This Works!

Redesigned Furniture

No Skipping the Small Steps

Sorry for the lack of a post last week - life needed my attention and I had to give myself some grace. I've learned that if I don't do that, a blog like this can become a chore instead of what I want it to be - a Joy! So let's get back to some… Continue reading No Skipping the Small Steps

Redesigned Furniture

4 Ways to Flip Your Stenciling

I'll be honest - I didn't make much progress this last week. It was like -7 degrees outside, the kind of temps that make you want to curl up in a blanket all day. So I decided to look back on some of my furniture redesigns where stenciling was a big part of it. When… Continue reading 4 Ways to Flip Your Stenciling

Redesigned Furniture

No Longer Country at Heart

I’m excited to bring vintage furniture that feels NEW to your home with a redesign. This one’s nothing like it was before! This Lane cedar chest was in like-new condition, but the country décor led to a life in storage just waiting for someone to see the potential. Although I had intended to buy something… Continue reading No Longer Country at Heart

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Gone a Thrifting

I had the rare chance to a day to myself. Office was closed, but kids still in school. That never happens. So I decided to purge and organize my office desk area and ran to get some organizers for all the kids' drawings, school papers, photos, etc. that I just keep tossing in the cabinet.… Continue reading Gone a Thrifting