Redesigned Furniture

Habitat ReStore Donation Project

I crossed off a big goal on my list near the end of this year! I've wanted to donate my time and skills in some way to give back. I discovered a perfect way to do this was to redesign a vintage furniture item and re-donate it back to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore for… Continue reading Habitat ReStore Donation Project

soul shed journey

Thinking Up the Attic Space

A big surprise in my inbox this month! I was asked to collaborate with on a home design article about making over an attic space. Given my many hours thinking up the she-shed space, I could see the connections. There are so many considerations when rethinking an attic space. Here are some that came… Continue reading Thinking Up the Attic Space

Redesigned Furniture

Tackling 6 Dining Chairs

I bet you or someone you know is looking at their old, wood dining set and thinking, I wish I could get a new dining table and chairs! Then you go to the furniture stores or online and end up saying, Well I can live with this another year or two. Rather than replacing them,… Continue reading Tackling 6 Dining Chairs

treasure hunting

6 Tips for Flea Market Season!

We experienced a lull in flea markets during the pandemic, didn't we? Garage sales even went down a bit. And it left many of us in total withdrawal. Well, I hope to see the local flea markets thrive again. Can't wait to see what special finds the vendors have been storing up all this time.… Continue reading 6 Tips for Flea Market Season!

soul shed journey

Upcycled Magazine Crate Caddy

Keeping it real here, friends. I received some disappointing news that due to supply costs, I may be facing some real challenges to build the shed this spring (or even this year). I'm trying not to give up, but I have to be honest that I do feel pretty down about it. But I'm going… Continue reading Upcycled Magazine Crate Caddy

soul shed journey

For All the Moms (/Parents) Out There

Spring gets me excited to fill my planters. Which then makes me think of Mother's Day because I usually end up doing my plant shopping then (if it's not raining). This year I hope to have even more places to plant flowers - outside of my "soul" shed. I'm facing a couple hiccups with the… Continue reading For All the Moms (/Parents) Out There

Redesigned Furniture

Desk Upcycled to Farmhouse Nightstands

Well, I definitely want to do this again. I mean it's a lot of work, but when you see the's hard to come by tall side tables like this on their own. I've always wanted to turn the vintage ends of a desk or vanity into bedside tables. When I spotted this beauty at… Continue reading Desk Upcycled to Farmhouse Nightstands

soul shed journey

Shed Area 1: Chats & Naps

Spring is coming! Do you know what that means? I'm that much closer to building a dream: my she shed, my soul shed, my space for blessings. Not only for me and my family, but hopefully others as well. I made another leap today. I ordered a bed! This bottom right area of the shed… Continue reading Shed Area 1: Chats & Naps

Redesigned Furniture

Dare to Go 3D on Furniture!

I had a vision. Sometimes these visions don't work, but sometimes they do. And you just never know where you're going to get inspiration. Here's how this one came along. I subscribe to a few magazines that always give me lots of creative ideas. One is Better Homes & Gardens Do It Yourself magazine. I… Continue reading Dare to Go 3D on Furniture!

Redesigned Furniture

Tissue Decoupage – This Works!

Last week I shared the many steps to refinish/paint a vintage piece of furniture. And promised to share the end result. Here's a little before/after fix for you! As you can see from the before pic, this is becoming a bathroom vanity. It's going to be a classic beauty! Something New With the weather so… Continue reading Tissue Decoupage – This Works!