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You can love your home, hang on to family heirlooms, and still have your own style! You just have to imagine it…differently. There is such a thrill in creating something special from something forgotten. An eclectic mix of vintage items, paint, distress, natural textures, and specialty finishes can transform your home. Is this your thing? Me, too!

At Charm & Grit, we have a passion for making things special. Whether it’s redesigned vintage furniture, setting up magical tablescapes for outdoor gatherings, or creating a haven to rejuvenate your soul, we’d love to inspire you and give your heart a little skip of joy. I hope to somehow bless your home, even if it’s just having you tag along on this journey.

Add charm to your home!
Purchase a redesigned furniture item with vintage quality craftsmanship or ask about making over something you already own. Take a look at past work for countless ideas and let’s brainstorm!

Join my “shed” journey!
Enjoy the small, magical memories, plus get decor how-to’s and tips, some furniture makeovers along the way, and explore vintage shopping fun. All part of staying “sane” as a busy mom.

Let us host your event!
Your next intimate gathering for close friends/family could be magical. You’ll feel the effects long after the stars twinkle out. Coming 2022, book our “soul shed” for events.

Hi! I’m so glad to get a little bit of your time
in today’s crazy, busy life. I can’t wait to hear
about your project and what inspires you!

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Kellee ~ Owner & Artisan

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