Event Pricing

Below is event pricing and what’s included.

Cost is based on number of guests. An up-front $150 security deposit will be applied to the cost; remainder due at set-up.

Up to 2 guests: $300
3 to 4 guests: $400
5 to 6 guests: $475

Your magical event actually starts weeks in advance, where we daydream the perfect setting, decor, and delicious foods to fit your special occasion and style you’ve selected. Sometimes we’re picking up new items or finding new artisans, as we’re always looking for vintage treasures and good eats to add to the ambiance for your guests. We love to be creative, so you may not see the exact set-up twice.

Included with your event are:
~ a well-loved table in the right size with unique chairs for the # of guests
~ a vignette scene to welcome guests to the space
~ for each guest: 2 or more multi-sized plates, tumbler for common drinks, vintage stemware for specialty drinks, utensils, linen napkins
~ other utensils and dinnerware such as serving platters and bowls, bread knives, cream servers, etc.
~ special decor items such as tablecloth, candlesticks or candles in glasses, flower arrangements, place setting accessories, and other items to create the desired feel
~ delicious foods selected from locally owned businesses and artisans

We will arrive a minimum of 1 hour before your guests to set up the table and chairs, vignette, carefully craft your tablescape, add the detailed decor, lay out the food (and take photos for our portfolio). Common drinks will be ready to pour – you provide any specialty drinks – everything is set before guests arrive.

Many of our events last into the evening. You keep the leftovers. All we ask is that you clear the plates and utensils of food, collect all items, and place them in large totes we leave for you. We also ask that you move furniture into a garage for protection from the evening dew or other elements. We’ll come by in the morning (not too early!) to pick it all up. We ask that you not wash the dishes as some may need extra care (and that’s our job!).

Digital Invitation

Your guests will know this event is like no other as soon as they receive your digital invitation. Carefully chosen words to express the special occasion, a soothing design to reflect your theme, and what they need to know about the event – all to intrigue your guests to want to attend. You’ll receive an email with a digital file to electronically send to those you invite (paper invitations are not available at this time).

Service fee: $25

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