treasure hunting

6 Tips for Flea Market Season!

We experienced a lull in flea markets during the pandemic, didn't we? Garage sales even went down a bit. And it left many of us in total withdrawal. Well, I hope to see the local flea markets thrive again. Can't wait to see what special finds the vendors have been storing up all this time.… Continue reading 6 Tips for Flea Market Season!

treasure hunting

Thrifting for Smalls

What to do. What to do. When it's 18 degrees outside and you want to work on a custom project for your client. You step outside, the wind whips your face, and you know it would be a bad idea. So you wait for much improved circumstances. But you want a project. You want to… Continue reading Thrifting for Smalls

Redesigned Furniture

No Longer Country at Heart

I’m excited to bring vintage furniture that feels NEW to your home with a redesign. This one’s nothing like it was before! This Lane cedar chest was in like-new condition, but the country décor led to a life in storage just waiting for someone to see the potential. Although I had intended to buy something… Continue reading No Longer Country at Heart

treasure hunting

Gone a Thrifting

I had the rare chance to a day to myself. Office was closed, but kids still in school. That never happens. So I decided to purge and organize my office desk area and ran to get some organizers for all the kids' drawings, school papers, photos, etc. that I just keep tossing in the cabinet.… Continue reading Gone a Thrifting