Natural Wood

Love to celebrate the warm texture and natural goodness of authentic wood on vintage furniture.

Stained Stencils


As soon as I spied the beautiful flat wood front of this vintage dresser, I envisioned a trailed stained vine reaching from its curvy bottom. It did not disappoint!

Petite Chifforobe


A true find to get this smaller sized chifforobe. Gray washing the sanded drawers removed the orange look so it better complemented the gray base. A stenciled laurel wreath adorns the door.

Rustic Lowboy #2


I’m usually too chicken to grab a curbside, but lowboys have my hear, and I couldn’t let this go to the dump without trying my best to save it. Went back to its original finish for a rustic look.

Stylish Cabinet


All the way from Texas, this vintage cabinet sported the most unique hardware. For added interest, I stained a stenciled design over the front. A little Barkeeper’s Friend shined them up, and I adored the fact that it had a bottom drawer.

Numbered Dresser


Sanding the drawers of this small dresser revealed the most beautiful wood grain that had to be left bare. A soft white base sets it off, and stained numbers add some fun!

Floral Shelf Unit

Custom Project

An oddball built-in becomes a shelving statement piece with added mid-centry legs. The wood was refinished and large blossoms stenciled strategically in a warm stain. The pull-out tray received its own stenciled edge.

Two-Tone Dining Table

Custom Project

A natural edge to this well-worn dining table asked for a decorative edge, so a black gel stain was applied on top of the Antique Walnut for a richer edge and to help transfer to the chunky black base.

Rustic Lowboy #1


After buffets, I have a special place for lowboys in my heart. I’ve been lucky to come across two of them. This first one was in beautiful condition, so I salvaged the wood top and serpentine drawers, set off by a soft sage green.

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