Hi, I’m Kellee.

I live in northern Wisconsin with my hubby and 2 boys. I love to bring more joy to your home by reimagining your furniture. I also love to make people feel a little more special in the middle of our daily grind with outdoor, intimate gatherings that celebrate friendship and family. If I’m not sanding or painting something, I’m RV camping, hiking in the woods, vintage shopping, or dreaming about my “soul” shed. I know how much there is in life to capture our hearts and time. If you stopped by, it means so much!

What I Do

Redesign Furniture

A piece of vintage furniture is like a blank canvas to me, and recreating its look fills my cup. I bring these redesigned pieces to YOU as often as I can. We can also customize something you own.

Treasure Hunting

I can help find what you’re looking for. At times, I also bring the shopping to you when I find some vintage goodies for your home.

Host Soul Gatherings

Small intimate gatherings, preferably outdoors, are good for the soul. Reconnect with the ones you miss the most. I promise they will be talking about it for years to come when you have a hosted “soul gathering.”

Rent the Shed

Coming Soon

Let’s make something together.

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